Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 13, 2012

Plus One Red Rose ~ by rldubour


Plus One Red Rose

To you I give my heart

They tell me that it shows

To you I give my soul

Along with one red rose.


I love you more than life

It is you my heart chose

I’ll give you all my love

Along with one red rose.


Sweet music we’ll compose

Like poetry and prose

No one will dare oppose

A love from one red rose.


The meaning of this rose

Tied neatly with its bows

Pure love it does expose

With only one red rose.


I know it must be right

When the cold wind blows

I’ll keep you warm at night

And give you one red rose.


How much I love you so

Only heaven knows

Each day my love just grows

Like the beauty of the Rose.



  1. This is such a sweet poem. 🙂 I love the rhyme scheme and the structure.

  2. DejaVu

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