Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | August 14, 2012




Did I happen to mention I don’t like flies

Hopping around my head…

As though I were some piece of trash

Or roadkill almost dead?

My buddy said a “Walking Stick”

Spread its wings and flew away….

No walking stick I’VE EVER SEEN

Had wings—what can one say?

He saw it and described the bug

That I did not see….

Real hard to know if he was pulling my leg,

Or taking it seriously.

He described an Olympic sport…handball…

Like him I’d not seen that one before,

With a time limit, short dribbling phase

And a shoot to a net (on the floor?).

I’d wish I’d seen it for myself,

Then I’d properly judge…

Was it a game that was really real

Or was someone trying to fudge?


—Jonathan Caswell


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