Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | August 15, 2012



(opinion by J. Caswell)


It’s hard to take when one finds out that

In order to make healthcare work…

The President behind our backs

Raided Medicare for Billions a jerk.

And then the politicians claim

That Medicare soon will be sunk….

If they didn’t keep treating it as their personal slush,

We wouldn’t have to hear that junk!

Just like with Social Security,

Is raided for funds ev’ry year….

Folks never are honest about what they’ve done,

But don’t worry—they’ll solve it—don’t fear.

That “upper echelon” is  set for life

And to selfishness they devote…

No matter what foolishness passes this year,

A strict moral compass we float.

The moral compass is unpopular now,

So much relativity rules…

Since Biblical values have been ruled out

We’re ruled by little more than fools.

Oh, they’ll make a show at election time,

By fooling those ready to believe…

That politicians all around are fine

And believe the Bible (they deceive).

Unfortunately, it isn’t about Party,

If one still has a mem’ry one knows…

No matter which, they will get the goodies,

Before their chief has to go.

Please pray for our leaders both local and national,

Mostly heathen, they sure need our prayers…

That Spirit will be heightened by God Almighty

And you know I don’t mean theirs!

Whatever “wisdom” is left in secular society

Please Lord bring it to the fore…

And strengthen the remnant of Your people,

When spaghetti really hits the floor!



  1. good work with the write, I can not comment on politics I get too annoyed and would end up commenting for a very long time which would not be a good thing.

    • I’m afraid that I sometimes spill over. But in thinking of how you and I differ in opinion, please note that our President wasn’t the only one mourned over…I may end up voting for the other guy…but when he became a politician I’m not sure that he retained as “good” a character…again just my own opinion. Isn’t it in First Peter and in Paul’s writings that we are encouraged to pray for our political leaders? Boy, do they all need it! Something about the process of gaining power…or something…!

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