Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 18, 2012

Saved by the Bell~by rldubour


Saved by the Bell

Six feet under they are buried, laid to final rest.

Gravestones lines overhead, some with family crest.

With gate surrounding rows of stones, the old and all the new.

This is the final resting place, when alive where they did choose.

If, we had that special sense and could hear what they would say.

From long ago, when they passed and were placed there in that grave.

Oh, the stories they could tell, of how life was in their days.

And how some, saved by the bell by the ones that watched the graves.

“What did I read? saved by the bell?”, “Don’t think I read that right!”

“Not to even mention, someone would watch a grave all night?”

“Well let me tell you this”, is where we got that saying!”

“Saved by the bell!” as the dead man lies a laying.


Sometimes a big mistake was made and they would think one had died.

The claws on the coffin cover, would tell they really died inside!

This was quite a problem, “Where they dead or just don’t know?”

So they buried them with coffin and placed a string around their toe!

Ran the string up through the ground, at the end they tied a bell.

Someone would sit and watch the grave and listen so they could tell.

They would sit and wait for hours as their imagination swelled.

“If it was me and I heard that bell, I would run like hell!”

This is how they did it, in the olden days.

And if the bell was ringing, they were not ready for the grave!

So, next time you hear someone say, “He was saved by the bell.”

You will know where this phrase came from, the time they could not tell.




  1. BUMMER! I CAN’T LIKE THIS MORE THAN ONCE! Shades of Edgar Rce Burroughs and his John Carter of Venus series…the recent movie was panned, I hear. Didn’t see it, but who remembered or bothered with the original series? At least Tarzan is (sort of) remembered, with all the remakes and all. SEE—we do bounce ideas off each other. GREAT JOB!

    • thanks but it is like eating ice cream you can like it more than once!

      • ONLY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION…but, yes, I see your point…and the cherry, too!

      • with a little hot fudge added maybe some nuts too

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