Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 23, 2012

EGG or Chicken (what came first?)~by rldubour

EGG or Chicken (what came first?)

What came first?
The question of the day
The chicken or the egg?
I heard someone say!

Thank you class
We heard the teacher say
A very good question
You chose today.

First was Greg
He nervously explained
The chick came from the egg
As he proclaimed.

On a farm
Eggs all broke chicks all hatched
The egg had to be first
All left detached.

Right in front
Shelley said to Greg
If the chicken was last
Who laid the egg?

Now silent
Not knowing what to say
The chicken or the egg?
Greg slinked away.


  1. Poor Greg…If he were a smart aleck like me, he could have claimed the egg technically came first. Evolutionary theory says that reptiles, many of who were and are egg-layers, gave rise to birds. But reptile eggs do not produce chickens. Well-done. Thanks for posting!

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