Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 26, 2012

Rushing! ~ by rldubour


I like to sit and listen to what people have to say.
Yet, do not understand why they rush in such a way.
Are things that important to quickly end their days?
You can not smell the roses from underneath a grave!

I like to sit and watch how everyone reacts.
As life passes by, can’t get that minute back.
Our life on earth is too quick, this is but a fact.
You will never see the beauty until you learn how to relax.

Time off with your loved ones this is where to start.
To appreciate the joys of life, must open up your heart.
Listen to the music, view man’s work of art.
Take nothing more for granted, know you’ve done your part.

People are all so different yet, we are the same.
Some take life too seriously to others it’s a game.
Some they have no values this is but a shame.
Some just have no goals in life, this is very lame.

Ask yourself this question, Why are we all here?
Tell yourself the answer without prejudice or fear.
Once you learn to love your life, hold your values near.
Then hold on tight and cherish life that we hold so dear.



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