Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 27, 2012

Women, they just know ~ by rldubour


Women, they just know

Have you ever had a feeling
something is very wrong.
Like a sixth sense intuition
with feelings that are strong.

You sense a cold uneasiness
may even get the chills.
You know something has happened
and all against your will.

I think women have it stronger
they sense this sort of thing.
It is really kind of scary
how they know everything!

And even worse than that is when
they know just what you do.
Guys we just don’t stand a chance
they must practice voodoo.

They know the places that we go
even before we do.
Don’t ever try to prove them wrong
can’t win, going to lose.

When you are young you know you’re smart
and think you have them fooled.
They won’t let this go on for long
before you do get schooled!

Once you are told how it’s to be
cross their line is misery.
How do they know things they can’t see?
women are a mystery.

I give advice to all young men
they seem to always know.
Everything you’re thinking of
and every place you go!



  1. And THEY KNOW when you’re watching!

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