Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | August 29, 2012



(Developed from a teaching by Pastor Mike Abendroth on a recent broadcast of NO COMPROMISE RADIO, 760 AM, WVNE, 3:30 to 4:00 PM  weekdays…concerning the latter half of Romans 14.)



Weak and stronger faith

In the church, each has a place…

So both may grow

Each should know,

It isn’t the time to save face.

Instead of a battle cry,

God calls us to edify…

Each other with love

Not a boxing glove,

Criticizing the other guy.

In Romans fourteen, Paul,

Emphasizes Christian love over all…

There’s a difference between

A theological wean,

And purposely making one fall.

The weak in faith may glower,

But should not have the power…

To manipulate

The stronger to strait-

Jacket their personal flower.

Likewise, the “strong” needn’t be,

Lording over the weaker one’s creed…

For consideration too,

By teaching what to do

To minimize a sinful spree.

For both faith types have grown,

When discord isn’t sown…

Personal convictions

Need not be shot guns,

That make congregations groan.

So each must live with the other,

Loving that “different” brother…

Like in a marriage

Learning to not disparage,

Those non-essential differences of the other.

—-Jonathan Caswell




  1. very good enjoyed this work

    • THANK YOU. I often enjoy Pastor Mike’s preaching and Bible teaching on my way to work in the car. I think WVNE has a sister station out your way.

      • welcome my friend

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