Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | August 30, 2012



Lyrics by Jonathan Caswell

(Sing to “A Principle Within”)


I went a-walking on a round

and what did I see,

Recycled parts piled on the ground

just waiting patiently…

I went upstairs to find more stuff

had been dismantled too,

For soon enough the time will come

with little left to do!

I walked along the penthouse floor

just a little “scared”,

When seeing holes that went straight through

to second floor open air…

Amazing, how much cement floors hold,

as thin as they are:

I’m glad—heavy as I am—

for reinforced rebar!

Outside the dumpster’s nearly full

with old and varied steel,

And more beyond in the back lot—

an electric furnace meal…

The wire and aluminum

containers are not yet full,

But with the stuff that’s piled inside

they soon will need a pull!

Now when I go upon a round

it’s quiet enough to hear,

The various sounds of building parts

and air handlers in gear…

They’ll need Security as they put

effort into empty rooms,

And not reduce our team again,

or at least that’s what one assumes!

We’ll walk our rounds as always

as each section revives,

Adjusting routes throughout our days

working each pleasant surprise…

We’ll keep ourselves in highest form

according to the rules,

And keep the Client well-informed—

our Client’s best to choose!





  1. catchy good job

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