Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | September 15, 2012



My wife and I are invited

Every Saturday….

To a hot dog dinner provided

By a group of neighbors who say,

They’d love to have us join them

And socialize with the group…

To talk and laugh and gather

Around some good “stone soup.”

Frankly, by Saturday evening,

I’m still recovering from the week…

Five days of dealing with multiple crowds,

Why should a crowd I then seek?

I surely do wish to be friendly

But friendliness takes energy…

Being made to talk and eat and flock,

Takes more than is often in me!

—Jonathan Caswell

Stone soup refers to a children’s tale….basic point of which is that when a community comes together, each with something to share, a fine supper for all is had.


  1. I share your words sometimes good one

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