Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | September 17, 2012



The gem of South Carver, Mass,

EDAVILLE and fair…

Is running trains around the lake,

On TV saw it there,

Festooned with cartoon characters

Every weekend in the Fall…

This may just be the last year

To experience it all!

The EDAVILLE that we have loved

Is going up for sale,

A cool ten million dollars

Will get it “out of jail”…

The operators wanted out,

Decided then to quit

No one else must want the job…

They sold the sand pit.

The dreams of generations

Are going to end real soon,

If the owners sell it piece-by-piece

It may be gone by next June…

So ride the choo-choo while you can

And buy some fried dough,

Enjoy this vestage of the past

Before it has to go!


—Jonathan Caswell

(Find EDAVILLE on line for info at:…!)



  1. sad another slice of history that can not be lived excellent work here

    • And, I should add, the Author has no connection whatsoever with the owners and/or operators of EDAVILLE…other than being a fan of the place since his first visit as a child and being enthusiastic about the rail equipment used and ITS history! No financial interest is involved, other than the hope it survives as a business—or the pieces find real good homes if it can’t. 🙂

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