Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | September 17, 2012



(New lyrics to “The Yellow Rose of Texas”)

Be careful what you wish for,

Especially when you pray…

Someone you may be hurting

Should you not choose to stay,

The Lord is never unaware

Of temptations to stray…

Be careful what you wish for,

Especially when you pray!

He met a handsome lady

And wanted to see more,

He walked her from a function

Right back to her door…

He made a quick connection

Then went home to pray,

To win this special lady

He asked for on that day

The love affair began

As a friendship started well,

They liked each other’s company

As much as we could tell…

She set her pers’nal boundaries

That he tried to cross,

Respected once corrected

He let her be the boss!

Then sickness came on suddenly,

The reason they first met…

She’d missed a year of college

With allergies beset,

She finished up her final year

And moved back home one day,

They corresponded frequently

And planned a visit day.

He had another year of school

Long distance they did stay,

Affectionately writing

With pictures on the way…

“Til after a year or so

He took a friend’s advice,

And claimed the wait was much too long:

She did not write back twice!

Many years have come and gone

And still he wonders more,

About the gentle lady

That he had known before…

In a moment of weakness

He’d written her again,

The letter went, did not return,

No answers yet again!

He knew that he had hurt her,

There was no way around

To late to change the future

Or find out where she’s found…

Just have to accept what is now

And hope someday he’ll see

Renewed and whole again

That handsome lady.

Be careful what you wish for,

Even if in prayer…

The Lord will take our guiltiness

And put it “over there”,

Your regrets over happenings

May remain, it’s true,

But God prepares a place for us

Where friendships can renew!

—Jonathan Caswell


  1. i thought about using an illustration of a woman being stabbed in the back, but it did not quite fit given the message nearer the end. Some works are better illustrated by the words, themselves.

  2. very nicely done!

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    LET’S ALL SING!!!!!

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