Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | September 21, 2012





At times I wonder why I came to be,

A hundred billion molecules, that’s me…

In living  I’m a part

Of my wife’s loving heart,

But knowing that won’t solve the mystery.

I sometimes want to jump up and scream,

Proving to me that it’s not just a dream…

In my dreams, things change,

Without warning or range

Of logical progression so it seems.

It’s not real clear how all of this started,

But I’m not looking forward to depart it…

Or so I told my God

When fifteen, life seemed flawed,

Although my life then barely had started.

As Scripture says, some things are wonderful,

In Proverbs, there are things that have a pull…

That few understand

And yet some demand

Investigating such things to the full.

I guess my point is that I have to live

For others and learn to take and give…

Theory will always change

As facts are rearranged,

I’ll stand my ground on the little I can sieve!


—Jonathan Caswell





  1. super job with this work excellent words just right

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