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Beans, beans…a nutrititionist dreams,

Not very meaty, but boy they clean…

The innards a-flush

Whether sold or mush,

Beans are of nutritionist dreams,

Eating beans will, I guess,

Encourage people to eat less…

Overeating makes gas

Which eventually will pass,

It’s a definite inconvenience for guests.

Beans, beans, a musical fruit,

Over-activates the “patoot”…

Eaten with pineapple they say*

Metabolizes gas away,

Which makes lunch a happy pursuit!

Have you heard the news,

Why church seats are called “pews”?

Sunday was sabbath,

No cooking “elaborath”

Permitted but cold beans and brews**.


—Jonathan Caswell

NOTES: One of the versions of the original rhyme (in my neck of the woods) goes:

                  “Beans, beans, the musical fruit/ The more you eat, the more you toot/The more you    toot, the better you feel/ So let’s have beans at every meal!”—See WIKIPEDIA for more variations.

*The enzyme Bromelain, found in most parts of the pineapple, helps digest protein and thus reduces gas from protein metabolism. I learned this from a SCIENCE NEWS article in the early 1980’s.  WIKIPEDIA and other resources still validate this.

**There were two opinions on this in the Massachusetts Colony.  Half favored the English practice of beer over questionable water.  Certain stricter religious sects preferred total abstention.  See


  1. I learned something here which is good, love beans too, excellent job

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