Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 2, 2012

American Heroes from Massachusetts~Luther Burbank (1849 –1926)~by rldubour

Luther Burbank (1849 –1926)

The thirteenth of eighteen children

Born in eighteen-forty-nine.

In Lancaster, Massachusetts

Horticulture he would refine.


Developed the Burbank potato

From seventy-two to seventy-four.

His experiments on plants

Would bring the world much more.


He purchased four acres of land

When he moved to Santa Rosa.

Established a greenhouse and nursery

His new home in California.


Then purchased a farm in Sebastopol

For more experimental growing.

Named it the Gold Ridge Farm

Inspiration by Darwin was showing.


Was criticized by scientists

For his poor record keeping.

The norm in scientific research

Results were what he was seeking.


A descriptive catalog

He published in eighteen-ninety-three.

“New Creations of Fruits and Flowers”

Some of his best varieties.


By all accounts was a kindly man

Interested in education.

Modest with his scientific fame

Fifty-five years of dedication.


In March of nineteen-twenty-six

Burbank suffered a heart attack.

His worked spurred the passing

Of the nineteen-thirty Plant Patent Act.


Sixteen patents were issued

By Congress authority.

For the new varieties of plants

To Burbank posthumously.


His home a National Landmark

Was an American botanist.

A pioneer in agricultural science

And dedicated horticulturist.


  1. Another Massachusetts native who went elsewhere! Good work.

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