Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | October 3, 2012



(An educational opinion)

A recent news item I saw,

Concerns a fatal school flaw…

Or maybe it’s the parent,

One thing is apparent—

Nobody knows anything at all!

A third grader is hardly adult,

To say identity confirmed  is insult…

Childhood involves change

And innocent exchange,

Young “cross-dressers” are not adults!

Interest in the other gender

Is a stepped development tender…

Doesn’t need being politicized

By nut cases unrealized,

With no caring in the midst of their bender!

So leave the poor kid alone!

Let him /her work things out on their own…

Why label them adults

So some party exults,

In crappy science invading the home!

In childhood, priorities varigate,*

 From Mom then to Dad then to date…

As love focus changes

It’s weird to arrange this,

As a warped identity debate.

—Jonathan Caswell, M.S.E.

(Degree from SUNY-Cortland , NY)


  1. our children are not adults far from it, up to parents and educators to direct and teach however good write

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