Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 7, 2012

Last rose of summer~by rldubour


Last rose of summer

The last rose of summer, how long will it stay?

With winter fast approaching in the wind you watch it sway.

The beauty of this flower as it stands alone

Among Mother Nature’s colors, on its private throne.

The beauty of this flower, this has come to be

Holding onto summer, for your eyes to see.


The last rose of summer, how long will it stay?

Before it drops her pedals and quietly slips away.

A reminder of our life that someday it will end.

Is this the message? This last rose does send.

Grew from seed to full bloom now coming to an end.

The beauty that shown through out, compare this to a friend.


The last rose of summer, how long will it stay?

The seeds it dropped will grow again when spring does come our way.

Deep meaning in this beauty this rose does truly give

As the rose goes through its cycle much how we do live.

The rose can mean many things, to all of those that view

To me I see the beauty, of the old and of the new.



  1. The last rose? May be out of doors…you’ve got many more treasures in your heart, to be brought out in their time…like no wine before its time?

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