Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | October 12, 2012


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Went to the Emergency Room,

Later Wednesday night in some gloom…

A leg infection

Had me in dejection,

But had to drive up there soon.

Was triaged there right away,

Then watched a three hour stay…

Some others came first

Who were obviously worse,

I waited by writing a play!

(Not REALLY that long of a wait!)

Nurses and Aides in E.R.s

Earn daily civilian Bronze Stars…

Doing what they do

‘Til a long shift is through,

Their senses of humor go far.

Three nurses had me while there,

The subject of excellent care…

Whether teens or old men

Or hurting children,

What I saw was service with flair.

—Jonathan Caswell

(My thanks to the staff of UMASS Worcester Memorial Hospital)


  1. like this one hope everything is ok now, lucky to live in Mass. the best care in the world right now

    • Thank you—but don’t talk to me about health insurance plans and high deductibles. some weeks we are “Dunning Letter Central”…the deductible RESETS!!!!! every year. Excellent care, but one way or another…I’ll pay for it. But…posted these from home, culled out of copious notes. Opportunity beckoned…would have gone nuts, perhaps, otherwise!

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