Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | October 12, 2012



My last P.C.A. of my stay

Navigated me ’round the hallway…

The walk was a test

To determine best,

If I could be sent on my way.

At first we couldn’t recall

When we’d last met at all…

In yesterday’s  E.R.

She appeared like a star,

Briefly we met in the hall.

I was in transit on a bed,

She was caught in pose a redhead…

Small world we found

When my P.C.A. came around,

A mutual friend’s friend she said.

Kindness extended her aura

Her name was simply Cara…

She laughed when I said

Had a thing for redheads,

Then claimed hers wasn’t natural.

—my response was…mine was natural,but missing (see gravatar)!

—Jonathan Caswell

(To you, Cara and Renee, for all your help!)


  1. good write with pen

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