Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 18, 2012

Procrastination ~ by rldubour


I wish that I could learn someday
Not to procrastinate.
I don’t know how to ask her out
If she would like a date.

I watch her at the water cooler
The men all congregate.
I have to get my courage up
Before it is too late.

I get this feeling deep inside
Can no longer concentrate.
I close my eyes and tell myself
Not to hesitate.

This feeling that I have for her
I must alleviate.
I’d tell those fools a thing or two
And would not deviate.

It’s up to me to let her know
That all this must be fate.
Just one kiss from her lips
A loving bond we would create.

I’d squeeze her tight and my
Intentions I would relate.
I would place my love in her heart
And forever encapsulate.

I finally build my courage up
I ask her for a date.
She said I can’t I’m sorry
You are two minutes late!



  1. (1) That’s what wives and caretakers are (at least partially) for; (2) At least as far as poetry is concerned, I don’t often procrastinate—I forget too easily! (3) GOOD ONE!

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