Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | October 18, 2012

THE WALK, by Carl Gooch

The Walk

The Walk
I know His loving promises are true,
So if it pleases my Lord, that will I do.
In all that I do, in every word I say,
It is my Lord’s will I seek today.
I will remember the words He said,
If the world try’s to turn my head.
When I am down, tired and weak,
I’ll call to Him, His comfort I’ll seek.
When I hear the birds singing above,
It will remind me of His precious love.
When the winds blow upon my face,
I’ll be smiling wrapped in His embrace.
When hard times come as they will do,
I trust His promise to see me through.
The road is long and dangers abound.
But none more faithful can be found.
My prayer to Him down here below,
Let me serve you till it’s time to go.
When it’s my time, and my day is done,
I will walk with Him the victory won.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 17 October 2012


  1. Thanks Carl good work

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