Posted by: poetlou | October 20, 2012

can you picture JESUS



Can you picture the blood of JESUS lying on the ground


While laying on this cross being nailed and bound


The pain that was etched on his face


As he prayed for the lords grace.


The nails being driven through his hands and feet


Knowing soon that god he would meet.


Yet he was forgiving his fellow man


For they could not understand.


That he was being sent by god above


To show his compassion and his love.


As they picked up his cross and placed it in the ground


The screams of “ crucify him” simmered down.


Many fell to their knees and cried


While others were joyous and satisfied.


Now picture JESUS looking down at the crowd


Searching for his mother and seeing her on her knees


And with god she did plea.


You could hear in her mind saying


“ let thy will be done, for you had blessed me with your son”.


And as the skies turned completely black


And his face fell to his chest


The crowd felt the fear and the unrest.


The thoughts entering their minds


“ is this truly the son of god that we crucified?”


And we believed the rabbi s and all their lies.


Now that you visualized this in your mind


As I had done so many times.


Now picture the face of JESUS looking


Down at you and saying       “ I forgive you”.


© L . RAMS


  1. Nicely done, thank YOU Lou

  2. You are the best 🙂

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