Posted by: poetlou | October 20, 2012

the football jock and the cheerleader



Football jocks- they allow nothing to get in their way


Girls hearts they’d break every day.


What is a heart? But tissue and mass.


They’ll get over it, it will pass.


Life is a game and we play it to our best


If girls can’t cope then give it a rest.


Love is like football and it has


many tactics that we must learn


and along the way people get burned.


They tend to drop their hearts


and it shatters on the ground


But someone will pick up the pieces


Whatever could be found.


We are the jocks with one goal in mind


“ to win” every turn and every time.


We are the cheerleaders of the team


We get the fans to jump and scream.


We give you guys moral support


With out us your fans would abort.


You think because you’re  football jocks


That all the women s clocks must stop.


Well ! We have a surprise for you


Without us you wouldn’t know what to do.


As for our hearts shattering on the ground


My friend ! You better turn and look around.


You see!    LOVE IS NOT!    A football game


And no heart remains the same


You are about to get your dues


For we know exactly what to do.


You may be great on the football field


But our hearts, you will not steal.


You can not get in our heads


nor can you get us in your beds.


© L . RAMS




  2. another good piece of work thanks Lou

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