Posted by: poetlou | October 20, 2012

the red bandana



She wore a red bandana tied around her head


A bandana of hope is what they said.


The bandana was to hide the pain.


“ and losing her hair she felt so ashamed”.


But the bandana gave encouragement


To the others all around


For in this child love they had found.


On the red bandana was imprinted




And their faith would open up the gate.


The gate to research to find the cure


So the pain – these children would not endure.


This child was diagnosed with a brain tumor


At twelve months of age.


Never realizing how her life would change.


But she always had a smile


Which would not go away, and with other children


In the chapel they would pray.


She had became like a star , big and bright.


And had became the “ pediatric brain tumors”


Guiding light.


She is one of many who struggle from day to day


In the hopes that research will find the way.


Every year thousands of children being diagnosed


With cancerous brain tumors


With a short time to live.


But with the doctors research


A longer time they could give.


Advancements are being found every day


We need your financial support and for you to pray.


All the children undergoing numerous surgeries


And chemo therapy


This is not the way it should be.


A five dollar donation is all we ask


That’s not much of a task.


Give all that you can possibly give


And help the beautiful children live.


© L . RAMS



  2. good work with pen

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