Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 18, 2012

Emotional Trauma ~ by rldubour


Emotional Trauma

Another form of abusiveness
I wish to stress upon.
How much can be tolerated,
before a light comes on.

This type won’t show a broken arm
or face all black and blue.
To take a look at these victims,
we would not have a clue.

They do not use their fists or shoes
harsh words are what they choose.
They’ll make one feel so worthless,
they do this to abuse.

These victims do not smile they
are made to feel disgrace.
Told that they are useless
they only take up space.

Inadequate in every way
this is how they feel
Left with feelings of hopelessness
happiness is never real.

How do we fight this kind of thing?
Abuse we cannot see.
How can we help and reach out,
to those who are in need?

These victims need to gather strength
and learn this is not right.
They have to shed what they’ve been fed
and finally see the light

They have to make it known to us
before we lend a hand.
All the victims of abuse
we’ll help them understand.

Again I ask this question,
How can we get involved?
If we can only make them see
their life could be resolved.

How do we make these people see?
There is a better life.
That they can make these wrongs a right
and leave behind the strife.



  1. This is so excellent.

    • thank YOU

      • THIS IS REALLY EXCELLENT—goes along with what other bloggers did, freshly pressed. CARING MINDS DO THINK ALIKE!!!!

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