Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 27, 2012

America~CONNECTICUT~by rldubour


Nicknamed~~ the “ConstitutionState,”
“Yankee Doodle,” is the state’s song.
Nathan Hale is this state’s hero,
A Patriot~~ his character was strong.

The Indian word, “Quinnehtukqut”
Is the origin of this state’s name.
Motto: is “Qui Transtulit Sustinet” or
“He who transplanted still sustain.”

Home to the oldest newspaper
Printed in our Nation today.
Published since seventeen-sixty-four.
The Hartford Courant is here to stay.

From the invention of the auto
The first law passed and this is real
Twelve miles per hour was the speed limit
While driving and automobile.

In Mystic there is the Seaport and
The oldest steam powered cider mill.
The New Hartford Bicentennial Emblem.
Designed by seven year old, James Thorsill.

The bird is the American Robin,
The tree is the Charter Oak.
Mountain laurel is the flower.
And is not the Indian poke.

This state does have a Heroine
By the name of Prudence Crandall.
A dedicated educator
For just young ladies~~ one and all.

First U.S. Patent to a woman

Mary Kies of South Killingly

Simsbury had the copper mines

Became the New-Gate Infirmary

The first state to make a hamburger
Helicopters, cameras and TV’s
The Praying Mantis is the insect,
The first steel mill was in Simsbury.

Benedict Arnold, Hale and Barnum
A few of the most famous names.
Grasso, Hepburn and Dorothy Hamill and
Samuel Clemens~~ known as Mark Twain!
Statehood, January 9, 1788 the 5THstate
Capital is Hartford

Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale whose legendary last words  only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country remain one of American history’s most remembered phrases.
Quinnehtukqut: meaning, beside the long tidal river.
First speed limit law passed in 1901. On January 28, 1878, 21 venturous citizens of New Haven became the world’s first subscribers to telephone exchange service.
The first telephone book ever issued contained only fifty names. The New Haven District Telephone Company published it in New Haven in February 1878.
America’s first trade association was founded in Naugatuck Valley.
Cattle branding in the United States began in Connecticut when farmers were required by law to mark all of their pigs.
Although West Haven is Connecticut’s youngest city, being incorporated in 1972, it is a community that dates back over 360 years, making it one of the oldest settlements in the country.


  1. Another historic write…but HOW LONG did that 12 miles-an-hour speed limit last?

    • …Not very long on the Connecticut Turnpike!!!!! 🙂

      • until they started running moon shine!

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