Posted by: Ron DuBour | December 20, 2012

Is It Really Santa?~by rldubour

Is It Really Santa?

Although some chimneys are quite small.

In fact some houses don’t have them at all!

But it never fails upon that night.

There are always presents to brighten your life.
Then you wonder, “How could this be?”

We don’t even have a chimney!

He could not have come right through the wall.

For I stayed awake, got no sleep at all!
And I would have heard him through all that noise.

Will you please tell me! How did he bring these toys?

Did someone leave the door unlocked

When the time said twelve o’clock?

I just don’t know can’t figure out

Santa must have a lot of clout.

I ask my Dad he only shrugs

And ask Mom I just get hugs.

Did someone leave a window open

Is that where Santa came right in?

Some day I’ll find out how he does

I have to know just because.

Next year I plan to lay a trap

With pencil, paper I’ll make a map.

Even milk and cookies and all that

It has to be a clever trap.

I’ll hear the footsteps on the roof

And know it is the reindeers hoof.

Santa is real I do believe

Cause every year he visits me!


  1. The best proof of all!

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