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What Is In A Year?~by rldubour



What Is In A Year?

January first, it’s resolution day
The beginning of a new year that is heading straight your way.
January seventh, seventeen-eighty-nine.
Everyone is out to vote, it is election time.
For history falls on this date.
The first election for President of these United States.
On the seventeenth Ben Franklin he was born.
And on the twentieth of this month, F.D.R started his first term.
The twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred now that’s a day to be.
For on this day they organized our American baseball league.

February our second month comes at us with her blessing.
For on the first the United States Supreme Court held her first session.
The second we’ll find Groundhog Day.
The third, President Wilson passed away.
On the fourth, George Washington was elected our first President.
And in nineteen hundred and thirty-three, the first singing telegram was sent.
On the twelfth, Abe Lincoln was born in eighteen hundred and nine.
And on the fourteenth your heart is hers, for it’s St. Valentine.
February twenty-second brings us Washington’s’ birthday.
And the fourth Wednesday of the month it’s the Catholics Ash Wednesday.

March our third month falls like this.
The Boston Massacre was the fifth.
On the sixth it was the Alamo.
And the seventh Mr. Bell invents the telephone.
The tenth was our first paper money in eighteen-sixty-two.
The fourteenth Eli Whitney, his cotton gin went through.
The fifteenth, seventeen sixty-seven Andrew Jackson he was born.
The seventeenth is St.Patricks Day and green is to be worn.
The nineteenth you will see the swallows.
As they return to Capistrano.
And the twenty-first our first day of spring.
The day you hear most church bells ring.


The month of April will be our fourth.
And here it is for what it’s worth.
April first is April Fools, what prank will you choose?
And on the third the Pony Express rode through.
This month we see the Easter Bunny on that Sunday morn.
And on the thirteenth, Thomas Jefferson was born.
The fourteenth nineteen hundred and twelve the Titanic sank at sea.
The fifteenth President Lincoln met with tragedy.
The eighteenth of this month in seventeen seventy-five.
Our gallant Paul Revere made his famous ride.

May is next as she steps in line.
The cold is gone the weathers fine.
The fifth Alan Shepard made the first U.S. space flight.
The sixth the Hindenburg exploded killing all that night.
The seventh the Lusitanian sank, the eighth is V.E. Day.
And the second Sunday of this month it is our Mothers Day.
The sixteenth is Armed Forces Day, the seventeenth the first Kentucky Derby.
And the twentieth, nineteen twenty-seven Lindbergh proved his plane was worthy.

The month of June is sixth in line.
And for most it is sun tan time.
The second, nineteen twenty four Congress granted citizenship to the
American Indians, they were a little late!
And on the third Jefferson Davis was born in eighteen hundred and eight.
The thirteenth is Children’s Day, the fourteenth its our Flag.
The seventeenth we took Bunker Hill in seventeen seventy-five.
We fought for our Independence for freedom fight or die.
On the eighteenth Napoleon lost his empire and eighteen hundred and fifthteen.
And the nineteenth eighteen forty six was the first game between two
Organized baseball teams.
The twentieth is given to Father, the twenty first summer begins.
And on the twenty-fifth, General Custer lost all his men.

July is next as we push along.
The weather is hot the days are long.
The first the Battle of Gettysburg in eighteen-sixty-three.
The second in nineteen-thirty-seven, Amelia Earhart is lost at sea.
The fourth is Independence Day with fireworks galore.
The eleventh Mr. Hamilton was killed by Aaron Burr, in eighteen hundred and four.
The twelfth Julius Caesar was born in one hundred BC.
And the eighteenth Nero fiddled while Rome burned in sixty-four AD.

August is next our number eight.
It’s vacation time as you debate.
The third fourteen ninety-two, Columbus sailed from Palos.
The fourth, seventeen-ninety the US Coast Guard patrols our shores at any cost.
The eight in fifteen-eighty-eight the Spanish Armada was destroyed.
The tenth in eighteen-seventy-four, Mrs. Hoover gave birth to her baby boy.
The eleventh the liner Araphone transmitted the first radio S.O.S. in
Nineteen hundred and nine.
And the twelfth in sixteen-fifty-eight, our first American Police force we find.
The fifteenth the Panama Canal was opened, the sixteenth Babe Ruth died.
The seventeenth Davy Crockett was born beneath the Tennessee sky.
The twenty-third Valentino, suddenly passed away.
The twenty-fifth Admiral Byrd started his expedition on this day.
The twenty-sixth, nineteen-twenty gave woman their right to vote.
And the twenty-seventh, five-fifty BC, Confucius was born of famous
words he spoke.
The thirtieth Cleopatra committed suicide.
The thirty-first, President Roosevelt signed the Neutrality Act of nineteen thirty-five.

September is next and number nine.
And for most it is school time.
The first, nineteen-thirty nine, Hitler invaded Poland starting World War Two.
The third, seventeen-eight-three the American Revolunary War was through.
The fifth, seventeen-seventy-four our first Continental Congress.
The sixth is Labor Day the working mans day of rest.
The fourteenth Frances Key wrote our National Anthem.
And for this I do personally thank him.
The twenty-third autumn begins with nature’s colorful sights.
And the twenty-fifth, seventeen-eighty-nine, we have our Bill of Rights.

October is number ten with just two more months to go.
As we anxiously await the sight of our first snow.
The eight the great Chicago fire, the ninth is fire prevention day.
The twelfth we honor Columbus and in eighteen-seventy Robert E Lee passed away.
The thirteenth, seventeen seventy-five we have the US Navy to protect us.
And the fourteenth, eighteen-ninety, Dwight Eisenhower was born in Denison, Texas.
The seventeenth, seventeen seven General Burgoyne surrendered at Saratoga
beneath that morning sun.
Then the British surrendered at Yorktown in seventeen-eighty-one.
The twenty-eight the Statue of Liberty was dedicated at Ellis Island.
A gift from France for their freedom we gave them in their homeland.
The thirthteenth John Adams was born in seventeen thirty-five.
For freedom he believed in, for this he would fight or die.
The thirty-first is Halloween for it’s trick or treat.
As the children run from house to house collecting all the sweets.

The month of November is number eleven it is getting pretty cold.
With boots and coat you head outside your feeling kind of bold.
The first is All Saints Day, the second is general elections.
The seventh Madam Curie was born in eighteen sixty-seven.
The ninth eighteen seventy-two was the great Boston fire that took so many lives.
The tenth the U.S. Marines was founded in seventeen seventy-five.
The twenty second nineteen sixty-three a date will live in infamy.
Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy.
And the twenty-fifth, Thanksgiving Day, a day to realize.
For on this day we thank the Lord for our precious lives.

And finally December the last month on my list.
The month you fill your hearts with joy, you fill your hearts with bliss.
The first, nineteen seventeen Boys Town was found.
The second eighteen fifty-nine, John Browns body lies dead upon the ground.
The third nineteen sixty-seven the first heart transplant took place.
And on the seventh, nineteen forty one the Japanese made a tragic mistake!
The sixteenth the Boston Tea Party in seventeen-seventy-nine.
The seventeenth nineteen hundred and three the Wright Brothers flight did fine.
The eighteenth, eighteen sixty-five we abolished slavery.
The twentieth the Louisiana Purchase in eighteen hundred and three.
The twenty first in sixteen twenty the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Mass.
The twenty-second is our first day of winter as the time does pass.
And the twenty fifth our most Holy Day, for it is the birth of Christ.
We thank Him for this past year; we thank Him for our life.
And finally the thirty first a day that’s meant to be.
For tonight is filled with memories, for it is New Years Eve.

R.L. DuBour


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