Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 17, 2013

The angel next door~by rldubour

The angel next door

I know this gorgeous lady, she lives in the house next door.

She has the cutest sounding voice, that I have ever heard.

Curly hair and light blue eyes, just as cute as she can be.

All it took was just one look and that was it for me!

She has me wrapped around her finger, if she only knew.

She must be an angel, it is showing through and through.

Now everyday I see this angel, going on two years.

I left my job and retired, so I always can be near.

I must admit I am in love, I could kiss her ear to ear.

And if she were to cry, I would kiss away her tears.

She can be very stubborn, she just stares into your eyes.

With a look of innocence you can not help but idolize.

When I am sitting on the porch, she comes to visit me.

She talks with moving hands and arms, quite a site to see.

It does surely make me smile, as she talks away.

Sometimes about her sister and how she can not behave.

Just when you think she stopped, she starts to tell you more.

She must think I listen well or probably keeping score.

If anything should happen, she can always live with me.

I would make sure she stays like this as cute as she could be.

This angel that I talk about, her name Siera Rose.

She is my youngest granddaughter, I want everyone to know!


  1. Cute picture…cute poem!

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