Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 22, 2013

America ~ IOWA~by rldubour


A tribute to Chief Black Hawk
The nickname is the “Hawkeye State
The Indians had named the river “Iowa
And the state’s name was easy to relate.

The motto is; “Our liberties we prize:
And our rights we will maintain.”
The people here are called Iowans
Free to live and pray, forever will remain.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the most crooked
Street in the world is Snake Alley.
The state’s smallest park is in the middle
Of the road in Hiteman, so don’t dally!

CornellCollege, in the National Register
Of Historic Places, the only one listed this way!
Fenlon Place Elevator in Dubuque
Is the world’s shortest and steepest railway.

John Wayne was born in Winterset as
Marion Robert Morrison.
Actress Donna Reed is Donnabelle
Mullenger, and was born in Denison.

The oldest land grant college in America
Is Iowa State University.
And the National Balloon Museum in Indianola
Chronicles 200 years of history.

The KateShelleyBridge in Boone
Is the world’s highest doubled track bridge.
Fort Atkinson~~ was built to protect the
Indians as they were in abridged.

West of the Mississippi in Kalona

Are the largest Amish groups to date.

And Elk Horn is the largest

Danish Settlement in the United States.

The state’s bird is the goldfinch

No official insect to compose.

The official tree is the mighty oak

And the flower of choice is the wild rose.

The end is here it’s time for names

Carson, Cody and John Wayne, Leachman.

Landers and Amelia Bloomer

Williams, Wallace and Herbert Hoover.

Statehood, December 28, 1846 the 29th state

Capital is Des Moines

The Saint Francis Xavier Basilica in Dyersville is the only basilica in the United States situated outside a major metropolitan area.
Clarion is the only county seat in the exact center of the county.
Dubuque is home to the only county courthouse with a gold dome.
Cornell College is the only school in the nation to have its entire campus listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The SergeantFloydMonument in Sioux City honors the only man to die during the Lewis and Clark expedition.

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