Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 25, 2013

Just thinking ~ by rldubour




Just thinking

Time to solve all worldly troubles,

alone I sat and thought.

All the things that I believed in,

for which I stood and fought.


The sun light starts to fade away

as stars begin their dance.

Bright full moon and shooting stars,

left me in a trance.


My mind does solve all sorts of things

encountered while we live.

And makes me wonder why does man

just take…instead of give?


As my eyes look at the heavens,

one thing I plainly see.

How every single man on earth,

is made up just like me.


The only difference in us,

is how we view our lives.

The placement of priorities,

family and wives.


Since mankind we all are equal

and every man is blessed.

Not one man on earth is better

just better off…at best.


Yet, in the hearts of many men

The evil seed does grow

The appetite to conquer all,

Their violent life does show.

Why do they harbor so much hate?

their heart must cry inside.

All goodness gone and been replaced

with lies instead of pride.


How do they gather followers?

To do their evil deeds.

While these cowards hide in laughter

It’s not their blood that bleeds!

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