Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 26, 2013

Eternal Love~ by rl dubour





Eternal Love 

Was the middle of the winter
they sat there holding hands.
As they cuddled up together
this woman and this man.

Their eyes still glowed for each other
as they reminisced
Talked about the time they met
and first time that they kissed.

The memories they shared together
as they faced life each day.
It seems that they could always weather
not once their love did sway.

They were young and so in love
both ready to face their life.
So in the eyes of Church and God
they were known as man and wife.

With that much love and sacrifice
nothing would supersede
Their commitment and the love of life
was the only thing they need.

They overcame each obstacle
that would come their way.
They took their love and made it stronger
with each passing day.

They did all this because they cared
and knew that life is short.
Together they would always be,
to both their main support.

They always had their faith and will
as they walked their road of life.
Now they sit there hand in hand
this loving man and wife.



  1. Sounds like you and your wife…am I right???

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