Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 29, 2013

America~KANSAS~by rldubour


The residents are called “Kansans”
The nickname is the “Sunflower State“.
This state named after the Kansa people
“Home on the Range” number one it rates.

Kansas means “People of the south wind
This word comes from the Sioux tribe.
In the United States Dodge City is the windiest
As the weather has transcribed.

The official bird is the meadowlark
The state’s tree is the cottonwood.
The animal is the buffalo, where
Hundreds of thousands once have stood.

Legendary lawmen like, “Wild Bill” Hickok
“Bat” Masterson and Wyatt Earp.
Who kept peace in towns like Wichita,
Dodge City, Abilene and Ellsworth.

At FortRiley, General Custer formed
The famous 7th Calvary in 1866.
And at the “Battle of Little Bighorn
Only a horse named “Comanche” came out of it!

BartonCounty was named after the
Famous civil war nurse Clara Barton.
The largest gas fields in the world are
Found in the gas field of Hugoton.

The Rock Island Bridge is the longest
Railroad Bridge that spans the sky
And at one time in Kansas it was against
The law to serve ice cream on cherry pie!

Kansas has the largest population
Of wild grouse in America.
And the world famous Pizza Hut
Opened its first doors in Wichita.

“Wheat capital of the World”
Is located in Sumner County
Over 33 billion loaves of bread
Have been produced for mans daily bounty.

Alley, Earhart, Dole and Carver
Cessna, Chrysler, Lear and Brooks
Ballard, Curtis and Eisenhower
These names are in our History books.
Statehood, January 29, 1861 the 34th state
Capital is Topeka

Rock Island Bridge is the longest railroad bridge of its kind at 1200 ft long.
The three largest herds of buffalo (correctly called bison) in Kansas are located on public lands at the Maxwell Game Preserve (McPherson), BigBasin (Ashland), and Buffalo Game Preserve (Garden City).

The Arkansas River may be the only river whose pronunciation changes as it crosses state lines. In Kansas, it is called the Arkansas (ahr-KAN-zuhs). On both sides of Kansas (Colorado and Oklahoma), it is called the Arkansaw.
The rocks at Rock City are huge sandstone concretions. In an area about the size of two football fields, 200 rocks, some as
large as houses, dot the landscape. There is no other place in the world where there are so many concretions of such giant size.
George Washington Carver, the famous botanical scientist who discovered more than 300 products made from the peanut,
graduated from high school in Minneapolis in 1885.


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