Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | February 27, 2013


Bite Size Canada

On February 26, 1867, the House of Lords passed the British North American Act (B.N.A.) establishing the Dominion of Canada. The bill still had to go to the House of Commons, but there was no doubt that it would be passed.

The name “Dominion” of Canada came about in an interesting way. John A. Macdonald had wanted “Kingdom” of Canada, but Prime Minister, the Earl of Derby, objected to a colony having a title that would make it equal to Britain. His son, Lord Stanley, who was Secretary for Foreign Affairs, also objected because the United States might not like having a kingdom on its border!

Premier Tilley of New Brunswick finally solved the problem. He read the Bible every morning, and Psalm 72 seemed to leap from its pages:

“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the…

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