Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 28, 2013

The lighthouse beacon~by rldubour




The lighthouse beacon

The lighthouse with her beacon bright.

Standing guard throughout the night.

Guiding souls to safety with her eternal light.

Somehow the lighthouse beacon makes everything all right.


In solitude she stands alone.

Her only goal to guide you home.

Through crashing waves and howling winds.

Night after night she does not give in.


She is the patriarch of the seas.

This lighthouse beacon that we see.

Standing tall and all alone.

With just her vision she guides us home.


Though no request she does not ask.

Only that you safely pass.

What lesson does this lighthouse teach?

As she stands alone by the rocky beach.


She teaches that it’s best to give.

As she guides her beacon so those can live.

She teaches with no selfish act.

And prays her children come safely back.


She teaches strength and fortitude.

To stand alone in what you choose.

She teaches courage as we go on.

She teaches fear and right from wrong.


The lighthouse with her beacon bright.

Somehow the lighthouse beacon makes everything all right.



  1. STANZA #3—“SHE…is the patriarch (???) of the seas”??? Otherwise great stuff. Your Poetry Buddy…Jonathan.

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  3. Wow. That poem was very powerful. Hate to change the subject, but how do you add poems to this site?

    • you are already on wordpress all you need to do is send me your email address that you signed up with at and then I can add you to our poets list and you weil be able to post. thanks for your comments! my email is

      • Thanks Ron. My e-mail i signed up for wordpress was

      • not sure if I did it right on adding please try and let me know how it goes if not will try something else, thanks and looking forward to your work, Ron

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