Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 6, 2013

Politicians and Insurance Companies ~by rldubour




Politicians and Insurance Companies

Have you ever filed an insurance claim?

And indirectly, they make you the blame!

This is their justice must be their reward.

As they double your premium without saying a word.

You know this is wrong but cannot make them see

Don’t let it happen again! Oops! There goes your policy!


You can insure almost anything, oh by the way

As long as you are healthy and are willing to pay.

Even your house just don’t file a claim

They will cancel your policy and never feel shame.

And talking of cars, this topic is fun

Just get a ticket and watch your points head for the sun.


We all need insurance and this is no joke

Especially for health for our older folks.

Until someone does something about all the greed

Just how much money do all these big wigs need?

While earning their salaries of six figures or more

They set all the prices that we are paying for!

So up goes the premium they really need more money

Now wait a second, no one thinks it’s funny.

Many have to choose between food and their health

While these big executives are raking in the wealth.


To all you Republicans and you Democrats

It’s time you did something to take care of that.

Our country is great and it’s time that you see

We have to take care of those that are in need.

Our Mothers and our Fathers for their sweat and their tears

That paved the path before us for our grown up years

Earth to the big wigs now prove what your worth

It’s time we take care of the ones’ who gave us birth!



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