Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | March 25, 2013

For Christianity, one must first believe and then receive…not the other way around!—Jonathan Caswell

By the Mighty Mumford



We gather early morning

At a root cellar or grave,

Celebrating resurrection of

The One who came to save…

Sinners from sin natures,

He is the first-fruit of Joy—

As God’s own Son His work is done

Paying for spirit buoy!

Intellectual beatings

Deny His Deity,

Spotlights on “contradictions”

Question the Bible’s inerrancy…

Cherry-picking skeptics

Want to destroy it all,

And implicate by the “flaws” they find

The whole “deck of cards” must fall!

Evidence is right there

For those who do believe,

The contrite hearts who believe FIRST

Are the ones who will receive…

Extra-Biblical and context clues

To which skeptics are blind,

Take that step of faith–believe—

To receive the Lord Christ’s mind.

The word is Christ, both Man and God,

His word is what we eat,

Chew carefully the Scriptures

And run to His mercy-seat…

Christ-haters want to…

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