Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 29, 2013

Cookies~by rldubour





My daddy asked me when I grow up, what would I like to do?

I thought and thought and finally said, “Dad, I want to be like you!”

I think I said the right thing; a big smile grew on his face.

Come he said, “Let’s take a ride to your favorite place!”


I said “Hey dad, I have an idea, maybe we could walk.”

‘Cause we can spend more time together and do more grown up talk!”

He said to me, “That’s perfect, what do you have in mind?”

“Can we go to the bakery? They have cookies for a dime!”


Dad said, “Go tell your mother, that we are going for a walk.”

“Down to get some cookies and do some grown up talk.”

I ran to tell my mother, what me and dad were going to do.

“We are going to the cookie store and will bring you home one too!”


She just smiled and said, “Have fun and hold your daddies hand!”

As me and dad walked down the street I said, “Hope mom understands.”

“That I have to spend time with you, whenever that we can.”

He just looked down and said this, “You are my little grown up man.”


“I guess I can spend some time tomorrow, so mom won’t feel all hurt.

“Cause today it’s just us guys together and tomorrow you have to work!”

He held my hand a little tighter; I knew that he was pleased.

As we walked to the cookie store, just my dad and me.


From then on when dad had off, we never missed our cookie walk.

Just me and dad together and doing so much grown up talk.

So it became tradition, now it’s my son, my wife and I.

Somehow a simple cookie has forever changed our lives.



  1. Cute one for right before Easter! 🙂

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