Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 7, 2013

Tommy’ red bike~by rldubour




Tommy’ red bike

It is little Tommy’s birthday, in just two more days.

And he is telling all his friends, while he is out at play.

He said he wants a new bike, like the big kids have.

But, it will have those training wheels according to his dad.

He would get to pick it out, the best one that he liked.

Just two more days he had to wait, for his brand new bike.

It’s almost like forever, to wait those two more days.

But, little Tommy had to wait, that’s what his dad did say.


When that day does arrive, Tom is waiting in the car.

He tries to hurry up his dad, he’s knows it’s not that far.

He runs into the bike store, all excited as can be!

Little Tommy can not believe, all the bikes there are to see.

Dad just spoke real calmly, “Look all around my son.”

“Take your time and don’t forget you can only pick out one.”

Tommy loved the red one, it was really neat.

It had a horn and head light and some type of racing seat!

He could not wait to get it home and show to all his friends.

This was the best day ever, he did not want to see it end.

When he got home all his friends came to see his bike.

He was a proud as he could be, because everyone did like.


Time went by and Tommy grew and that bike was put away.

He always kept it shiny new and still thinks about that day.

That special day he spent with dad, stands out in his mind.

His dad is gone to heaven now, but Tommy knows he still can find.

He will kneel by his red bike and see his fathers face.

And thinks about how his dad, made all his days so great.


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