Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2013

All The Trimmings~by rldubour




All The Trimmings

Love and romance and all the trimmings this is what you seek.
I know, I looked into your profile and took a little peak.

I know of love and how to romance the trimming part not sure.
If it means forever lasting, will I guess that makes me yours.

To me it means affection, just to cuddle and to hug.
And fulfill the deep sensation to make real tender love.

To me it means holding hands as we walk along the beach.
Growing close and knowing not one is out of reach.

To comfort when you’re blue and wipe the tear drops from your eyes.
To be your friend and lover and always by your side.

To give advice and take it what ever it may be.
These are some of the things that trimming means to me.

To give all you have and all that you can give.
To give all the love and attention till my last breath I live.

To be loved as I love you to care and share our life.
This is how I would treat you if someday you were my wife.

So if this is what you call trimming and think with me the same.
Just go in and update your profile and just make me to blame.



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