Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2013

The Bird Bath~by rldubour




The Bird Bath

I was sitting in the flower garden and I just had to laugh.
Just watching all the birds as they took a bath.
The sparrows and the gold finch they were first to come.
One by one they took their bath and left when they were done.
Robin red breast came along and sang a little song.
And when the Blue jays showed up to bathe the Robin he was gone.
The waterfall was soothing the day was extra bright.
And one by one they took there turn and then took off in flight.
The Grackles and the Starlings were a funny sight.
They were pushing one another as if they were going to fight.
They were all amazing as I watched as they behaved.
One by one they took their bath on this summer day.
A hummingbird showed up but only just to drink.
A hawk flew by but didn’t stop he was too big I think.
Then the neighbors cat was there not saying but a word.
You could tell what’s on his mind he wanted just one bird.
Soon he left and the birds returned to finish off their bath.
As I sat in the flower garden I just had to laugh.



  1. Besides keeping the water clean, what’s your secret of having wild birds using your bird bath. I have one in my garden for years, but no birds care to visit it. At least not when I was watching…:-)

    • thank YOU really no secret I have several bird baths in the yard near the flower beds they just seem to come


  3. […] The Bird Bath~by rldubour ( […]

  4. One of your best. Contemporary poetry works most often in the realm of drawing pictures as you have done, and implying significance without overt statement of theme as you have done also so brilliantly here. Bravo.

    • I humbly thank YOU very much

  5. Delightful! I love this.

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