Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 22, 2013

Grandparents Revenge~by rldubour




Grandparents Revenge

To all the grandparents of the world, this is a little treat.

Take your grandchildren and spoil them rotten, I think it’s really neat.

When you have them overnight let them stay up late.

And when it’s time for breakfast, give them chocolate cake!

Let them have a freehand, give them anything they see.

Then send them home to mom and dad, this is revenge enough for me!


When they were small and could not behave,

You knew that you would have your day.

To seek revenge upon your kids, now they will have to pay.

When they complain about them, you can always say.

“Now children, don’t you remember?” I said that, “I would have my day”!

They just plain forgot, just how they behaved!

Screaming, fighting, pulling hair and causing much dismay.


Back then you had to break it up and send them all to bed.

Now you can just send them home, to their mom and dad instead!

And special days like Christmas, Birthdays and Halloween.

Fill them full of candy and watch their parents scream!

Let them watch the movies, they can not watch at home.

Let them stay up till they are tired, or get off the phone.

As I sit back and smile this message I do send.

And think of all the grandparents, getting their revenge!



  1. Not being a parent or grandparent, I just remember being the kid in the middle!

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