Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 24, 2013

The fog~by rldubour




The fog

The fog was so thick, nothing seemed right.

She should have stayed over until morning’s light.

She knew she was lost when she took that wrong turn.

Exhausted and frightened she wished she had learned.

Not to go out when the weather was bad.

She did not expect the fog that they had.

Now she was scared, she reached for her phone.

With only one thought, to be safely home.


With hardly any vision, she was going slow.

And what happened next she really doesn’t know.

She felt a shove that came from behind.

She was forced off the road, feared no one would find.

This was her first thought that flashed through her mind.

As her car made a new path down the thicket decline.

She must have passed out when she came to a stop.

Now awaken she wondered, how far did she drop?

Frightened and crying she just thought of home.

What made it worse, she could not find her phone!

She struggled to be free, to keep reason.

To set herself free from her tangled prison.


She had to keep courage, not lose faith.

She escaped from her prison, she started to shake.

Realizing what happened, she was no longer scared.

She knew at that moment her angel was there.

To protect her from harm to show her the way.

Was not her time, to go to her grave.

She heard a comforting voice that said “Take my hand.”

“I will lead you to safety, do you understand?”

She nodded her head as calm as could be.

Held onto his hand and let him lead.

She was back on the road, the fog moved along.

She faced her protector but, he was gone.

With a feeling of peace she soon would be home.

She knew that her angel, would never leave her alone.



  1. Strong narrative thread. Nice.

  2. I like your style, sometimes your religious, other times your practically anything and everything.

    • like your comment!!! thank YOU

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