Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 25, 2013

Saved him for last! ~ by rldubour




Saved him for last!

Always alone he was thought mentally ill
He lived in a shack~ that’s on Devil‘s Hill.
When he stared one would feel~ an ice cold chill
If someone got close he’d make a loud shrill.

The myth says his mother~ was a true witch
Turning people to stone with a slight twitch.
Crows crying of danger with a loud pitch
The forest went still and smelt like a Fitch.

It happened in town an awful bad deed
The cry was of vengeance they did proceed..
To capture the evil they would indeed
And hanged him ’till dead~ as they did succeed!

Now once a year the witch seeks revenge
To punish just those who tied the ropes ends.
Exactly one year she’d start to avenge
She vowed not to stop ’till all made amends!

Would only take one that same night each year
Ten were involved and the four left did fear.
This witch with a vengeance would persevere.
And one of the four~~ his be most severe!

On that awful night now six years ago
Was one of the four~~ nobody knows!
Nine years have passed and now nine souls are gone
The only one left thought of days foregone.

His fear of the witch had outweighed his past
For certain he knew~ that he would be the last!
He sat on his chair his back to the wall
His gun on his lap~ she had him enthrall.

The only one left~ the worst one of the bunch
She saved him for last she had the right hunch.
His black hair now dull she turned it all gray
All of ten years~ not one got away!

She cut out his tongue he only could shrill
Now each day he walks~ on Devil’s Hill.
As people pass~~ think him mentally ill
The stare from his eyes gives all a cold chill.



  1. I like updates! 🙂

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