Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2013

Next Sunday May 12, 2013 is Mothers Day show her how much you appreciate all she has done!

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is a time of commemoration and celebration for Moms.

Notes of letters scribbled on from pencils, lipstick or crayons.

It don’t really matter if you make your own card or buy it at the store.

For every card that’s given out, will touch their hearts I’m sure.

From the very youngest to the other, no matter what the age.

The best card to give your mother is one that is homemade.

Just take a piece of paper and fold it right in half.

You can write in colors or make it white and black.

Write down all your thoughts as they come to you.

Could even draw a picture or maybe even two!

No matter how your card comes out your Mom will have to dry her eyes.

Because she’ll know it came from you and how you feel inside.

There is nothing worth the value of a card like this.

As you hand it to your Mom seal it with a kiss.

She will cherish this forever until the day she dies.

And show it off to everyone openly with pride.

To celebrate next Mothers Day on some paper write your thoughts.

Then every year you will reminisce of the happiness it brought.

This could be a tradition, that’s handed down from you.

Then every Mom on  this earth will feel that love is true.

What only takes a moment can last a million years.

In your own words thank your Mom for always being here!



  1. you always say the nicest things!!!! 🙂 Any Momma would be happy to have you for a son!!!

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  3. I’m going to buy her something, this poem is perfect for mother’s day

    • Every Mom deserves a child like you, thanks very much

  4. My dearest friend, I have nominated you for The Super Sweet Blogging Award! Congratulations! Please visit this

    • THANK YOU! very much and may happiness always come your way.

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