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Salem, Ma.~ Witchcraft?~by rldubour




Salem, Ma.~ Witchcraft?

The proper place to start with this, is ghostly Salem, Mass.

Since the sixteen hundred, has been the home to witchcraft.

The history is haunting, yet we will drift back.

To the days of old in Salem, Mass. And the aftermath!

The year was 1692 from June through September.

When nineteen men and woman died, will always be remembered.

This travesty of justice, nothing about this was inevitable.

With all the accusations, no one was infallible.

All nineteen souls, convicted and carted to Gallows Hill.

A barren slope near SalemVillage, which remains there still.

Dozens more were placed in jail for months without a trial.

All this because of accusations, started by a child.


First to hang on Gallows Hill, was Bridget Bishop on June tenth.

On June nineteenth, five more victims have been sent.

Rebecca Nurse, Sarah Good, Susannah Martin, Elizabeth Howe and Sarah Wildes.

Even though six had died, more charges would still be filed.

Gallows Hill would soon see more, thirteen to be exact.

All accused of witchcraft, the records show the facts.

On August nineteenth, Salem prosecutors were very thorough.

Hanged till dead on this day, John Willard, Martha Carrier and George Burroughs.

George Jacobs Sr. and John Proctor were among the five.

All this because of accusations that were started by a lie!


September, twenty second, eight more the records tell.

Alice Parker, Mary Parker, Wilmott Redd, Margaret Scott and Samuel Wardwell.

Plus, Ann Predator, Mary Eastey and Martha Corey.

Nineteen recorded witches hanged in Salem’s history.

One more died on September nineteenth, was crushed by rocks and stones.

Giles Corey of over eighty years, the records there have shown.

With no more witches put to death, instead were placed in prison.

As many as thirteen others may have died because of the same reason.

Prison records did record, the names of four that died.

Sarah Osborn, Roger Toothaker, Lyndia Dustin, Ann Foster, all because of lies!


Almost as fast as it begun, the hysteria came to an end.

The Puritans of Massachusetts would never hang a witch again.



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