Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 26, 2013

The Circle ~ by rldubour (Rictameter style added)




The Circle

The trail of life can be
A heavy load.
When I reach my end
I’ll pay what I owed.

Each path has a price
They all have their dues.
My balance unknown
What will God excuse?

I know what I did
I’m sure I will owe.
I will have to pay
How much? I don’t know.

It’s true I know
Whatever my choice was
Is now the harvest I will sow
Standing beside me~~ my angel from earth
Taking my soul, giving it mirth
As it was at my birth
Have now come full

I’ll stand before God
And He will judge me.
And nobody else
I know this to be.

The circle of life
Will then be complete.
And it will be filled
I pray with replete.

I hope I have time
To say my good-bye.
God will be waiting
There’s no need to cry.



  1. absolutely beautifully worded. There seems to be a mental circle appearing in this poem. I DO have one question for you. What does replete mean in this sense?

    • replete in this work means Replete means “abundantly supplied” and is not generally accepted as a synonym for complete. thank YOU very much for asking

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