Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 15, 2013

She’ll Be Babysitting Me ~by rldubour




She’ll Be Babysitting Me

Today my youngest one
September will be three.
Soon she will be over
She’ll be babysitting me.

This is what we told her
So mom and dad can leave.
Going out to dinner
She wants to stay with me.

It is most important
We let her now believe.
When she does come over
That she is watching me.

Thinking she is grown up
She really tries to please
When I say I love you
She cuddles up to me.

Sometimes we’ll sing a song
A new one it must be.
I teach her all the words
She sings along with me.

Now keep in mind her age
Don’t ask me how she knows
She actually can name
Dinosaur‘s of long ago.

The picture on display
And Brontosaurus.
We all can hear her say.

With clear and easy flow.
Triceratops she adds
Amazing how she knows!

She takes after grandma
She can’t take after me.
Like grandma and her mom
She’ll turn out to be.


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