Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 16, 2013

Grandpa, he’s bragging again ~by rldubour




Grandpa, he’s bragging again

Born January the thirteenth.
Was our lucky day!
Our very first grandchild
Yes~~ it was a Friday!

Most likely I will brag a lot
As I do most everyday.
But, he is my only grandson
I’m supposed to be this way.

I watched as he excelled in sports
Basketball his favorite game.
Captain of the Varsity team
If they lost he took the blame.

This year he won a scholarship
Books and tuition free.
To any four year state college
UMASS was picked to be.

He won this for his academics
His studies always first.
With straight A’s all through school
Knowledge quenched his thirst.

Always thoughtful and respectful
If we need help he is there.
He worries about his family
Outgoing and he cares.

I know he is not perfect
We call him our young man.
He knows we’ll always love him
We are his biggest fans.


  1. Coming from the heart.


    • that is what writing is all about! thanks

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