Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 18, 2013

Appreciate what you have~by rldubour

Sometimes life moves to fast to appreciate the beauty before us…. The smile of a child, the tail wagging on a puppy, a beautiful sunset or sunrise. The friends we made, the friends from years ago who still touch our lives, family who is always there for us. The ability to smile, to walk, to hold hands, and to love. Life is a wonderful thing if you just take a moment to stop and feel, see and hear. Try is sometime it will amaze you… It did just now for me….♥


Appreciate what you have



Sometimes life moves to fast

We lose site of what’s before us.

Go with the flow and we will know

Not to get angry or to fuss.


Appreciate this life we have

Our God has gave us this.

Garnish thoughts of love to all

With a tender hug or kiss.


A warm hello to everyone

Embrace the smile of a child.

The innocence that’s in their soul

There is no denial.


To view the beauty of this life

As the sun sets in the sky.

And when the sun does rise again

You’ll see the beauty from your eyes.


The friends we made while on this road

From the present to years ago.

Have touched our hearts in a way

Have brought us warmth no words can say.


The simple things like telling tales

The joy of that puppy’s wagging tail.

The family that is always there

No matter what they will prevail.


With hands to touch,

With eyes to see.

All of nature and this life

I do this just for me.



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